The doubt service is a W2E (Watch To Earn) new concept advertising platform where users can earn rewards by watching advertisements.
doubt CEO dmong will be responsible for advertising for numerous companies and NFT projects.
dmong NFT holders not only point as doubt activities, but also You can receive airdrops of NFTs that are provided as promotional quantities to the company.
Are you ready to grow doubt into the best advertising platform in Korea with dmong?


  • #1. DMONG PFP holder will become a Genesis VIP of IP that will grow as a first PFP advertising platform in Korea beyond the DOUBT advertising platform.
    NFT value will increase with the growth of DMONG, and holders will own a new brand DMONG NFT through the brand NFT breeding along with the influx of advertisements from domestic and foreign major companies

  • #2. The higher the number of NFTs linked to the wallet, the higher the point rewards through advertising platform activities.
    The accumulated points can be used as a cost for NFT breeding of brands, products, IPs, etc. advertised on the platform in the future, or can be exchanged for own crypto.

  • #3. DMONG will build "DMONG Land" in the metaverse to increase the influx of companies as an advertising platform.
    We will share the proceeds with holders continuously by generating sustainable advertising revenue in the metaverse through the installation of large billboard in DMONG Land.
    Own your DMONG now!

Holder Benefits

  • #1.

    Secondary transaction royalties paid to minting players participating in pre-sales
    (Secondary transaction fee 2.5% is 1year paid in case of trading in NFT Mania)

  • #2.

    Continuously airdrop of random box NFT for holders participating in minting until the service in Infinity Market is released

  • #3.

    Limited Edition NFT Airdrop
    (holders who has more than 10 NFTs)

  • #4.

    Increase in the amount of rewards earned according to platform activities
    (proportional to the number of NFTs held)

  • #5.

    Presented NFT goods through the DMONG store
    (details will be announced later)

  • #6.

    Airdrop our own crypto
    (commemoration the signing of listing cryptocurrency on exchange)

  • #7.

    NFT Breeding using Advertiser IP



  • 01.

    Sign a partnership with Infinity Market.
  • 02.

    Sign a business agreement with a famous local advertising agency.
  • 03.

    Airdrop limited edition DMONG NFT to holders who has more than 10 NFTs.
  • 04.

    Doubt service is launched.
  • 05.

    Make W2E PFP advertisement.
  • 06.

    Open the DMONG mini store. (Start selling goods)
  • 07.

    Release Tokenomics and Launch a breeding system
  • 08.

    Issue our own crypto.
  • 09.

    Sign for listing cryptocurrency on the Dex Exchange.
  • 10.

    Sign for listing crypto on the Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • 11.

    Announce the V2.0 roadmap.


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    Project Management


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    Art & Design


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    Kyle. C

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Project partner


  • What is the minting schedule?

    • Minting schedule
    • Scheduled for end of August
    • *More details will be announced on Discord.
  • How many klays does minting cost?

    Klay or 10BIT worth 100,000 won
    *More details will be announced on Discord.
  • How many is the minted quantity?

    • Total Quantity: 10,000ea
    • Pre-sales : 1,000ea
    • Minting quantity : 8,400ea
      (600ea teams)
    • ※ It may change in the future depending on internal circumstances.
  • What is W2E specifically?

    Watch To Earn is a project that earns money by watching advertisements. The concept is to earn crypto as a reward through activities.
  • How many NFTs needed to receive the Limited Edition NFT airdrop?

    10ea needed for 1 special NFT
    10ea=1, 20ea=2
  • What is the amount of rewards paid to NFT holders?

    The higher the amount of NFTs, the greater the amount of rewards. The specific reward amount will be announced later.
  • What is the PFP advertising platform?

    DOUBT is moving forward as a first advertising platform showing not only a general advertisement, but also NFTs advertisement in Korea.
    As a reward, Holders will get NFT provided to the company as a promotional amount from advertisers. (NFC for holders)
    Moreover, reward NFT can be special DMONG through Breeding DMONG NFT after the breeding feature is developed.